Property Management Services in Florida

Beyond Blue specializes in the unique vacation rental market of the world-class destinations of Destin, Sandestin Resort, Miramar Beach, and 30A. Our management team goes above and beyond industry standards to care for your investment and give you peace of mind.


Maximum income, meticulous management, and exceptional guest services. 

We take pride in our extremely high standards and industry-unique services.We provide extensive marketing, the most advanced reservation system, transparent accounting procedures, professional housekeeping, in-house maintenance, and an attentive staff to serve our property owners and guests.

Beyond Blue is known for achieving the luxurious coastal style this area is famous for in every property we manage. We offer affordable design services because professionally decorated homes can make triple the profit within a year!


Our relationship begins with a property inspection to understand your distinct management aspirations and goals. We provide you with a detailed property evaluation, realistic revenue projections, and recommendations for improvements to maximize your net income.

Most importantly, we will make your transition to our vacation property management program simple and effortless. Just give us a start date and a key, and we will do the rest!

Ready to increase your profits and peace of mind? Please contact Michelle Walker at 850.496.8866 or email to schedule your custom consultation meeting.



Beyond Blue Vacations is a fully licensed vacation property management company offering 18+ years of experience in serving Florida’s Emerald Coast. We are a locally owned, boutique management company and seek to build authentic, long-term relationships with clients that share our values.

Our team’s key players have owned multiple income-producing properties and understand the concerns, risks, and work involved with the vacation rental industry. Our core strength as a team is our passion to ensure the homeowner’s peace of mind so they can enjoy all the benefits of owning a rental property. 



Michelle Walker has a background in commercial real estate and has been in the vacation rental industry since 2005. She is known for her business acumen to increase a property's net income by 100% or more. Walker was recruited by two other vacation management companies to take their business from infancy into viable and prosperous vacation rental management companies.  

Ready to set a new standard in the field, Walker started Beyond Blue Vacations in December 2018. The company has grown rapidly as Michelle is sought after for her expertise in real estate and renovation, her unique approach to interior design, and her business acumen.



"Taking care of our property owners and their vacation homes is my number one concern. Attention to detail is key and that thoroughness flows over to very satisfied guest experiences, higher rental rates, and increased occupancy. Bottom line, our property owners have very well maintained vacation homes that produce significantly more income." Michelle Walker, Founder and CEO